About Us


The Balule Outreach Trust was established in February 2012 to raise funds and engage in community development programs in the Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa communities of Limpopo Province in South Africa. The Trust is registered as a non-profit organisation with the Dept. of Social Development and with the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organisation.

From small beginnings in 2013 we have established a firm relationship over several years with our two major beneficiaries – Southern Cross School in Hoedspruit and South African Medical Expeditions (SAME) through their After School Child Care Centre in Sigagule Village.

Covid-19 has, without warning, brought with it different challenges for which solutions have been urgently sought and we are currently concentrating on providing funds for much needed food, masks and sanitization within the communities. In addition to SAME we are supporting Nourish, an NPO operating in Sigagule with funds for making masks, and the Apostolic Faith Mission and the Maseke Community with funds for food parcels, both of whom operate in communities within the Phalaborwa region.

Our grateful thanks to all of the donors who have supported us over many years, and for your continued support in our mission to support communities within the greater Balule area. The Trust is well on it’s way to accomplishing some of our always evolving aims, but there is much still to be done. Your valuable support is the life blood which determines our success, both now and into the future.

         John AndersonFounder and Chairman

  • The communities we serve are amongst the poorest in the Province, and have some of the worst general living, education and medical facilities in South Africa.
  • Stakeholders within the Balule Conservancy are a privileged, conservation minded minority within these communities, occupying a scarce natural resource which should be preserved now and for the future.
  • It is important to empower these communities in order for them to develop themselves in a sustainable manner so that they may become better educated, healthy, financially secure and aware of the environment and the need to support nature conservation.
  • Through community involvement the Balule Nature Reserve will gain the respect of the communities of which it is inexorably a part.
  • By supporting programs that are designed to help teachers improve their skills through gaining access to educational resources and training materials by participating in skills upliftment programs.
  • By providing financial support by way of bursaries to selected learners from indigent families, who show great potential, but have no access to the requisite funds for their education.
  • By supporting awareness programs in order to help educate the community on HIV and AIDS related issues.
  • By supporting programs for the cultural and social development of children in the early pre-school stage of childhood.
  • By supporting awareness programs to educate the communities on environmental and ecological issues.
  • By supporting adult basic education and training courses.
  • By supporting initiatives to alleviate poverty and to contribute to programs that provide basic essentials and food.

We seek donations from all stakeholders who have a vested interest in the Balule Nature Conservancy, and other interested parties, both from within South Africa and beyond our borders, who are concerned with the development of communities in conservation and ecologically sensitive areas.




Founder & Chairman


Trustee & Administrator